If I knew time as well as you do Podcast Artwork Image

If I knew time as well as you do

Eva Hoonhout

If I knew time as well as you do is a podcast series hosted by artist Eva Hoonhout (1990/NL) The podcast series is part of her newest sculptural work that you can find outside on the Marineterrein Amsterdam. Starting from a small gesture like drinking tea, Hoonhout explores what it means to take time to listen, to take care of ourselves, and to be more aware of our environment in the past and present. In these 4 episodes, we will explore what it means to think about time in a different way.The series contributions are made by Flavia Dzodan, Liza & Layla, Eva Hoonhout & Dionne Oomen, and Comfort Ball (Bin Koh & Sumin Lee) The editing is done by Duncan Robertson. Thank you for listening and feel free to go to the sculpture and listen to the episodes while spending time with the work. The work you can find on the Marineterrein next to building 22 from 26th of August 2021 to 23rd of September.